Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jiangsu Xigang produces first seamless tube on a PQF mill from SMS Meer
The Chinese tube manufacturer, Jiangsu Valin-Xigang Special Steel Co. Ltd., has commissioned its new PQF (Premium Quality Finishing) seamless tube mill.  The mill will enable to reduce standstill times and hence increase the productivity at its works in Wuxi. The annual capacity in future will be 500, 000 t. The maximum tube diameter is 10 ¾.

The line is built around a six-stand PQF mill of LCO (Lateral Change Over) design in which the stands are  changed from the side. That simplifies service and maintenance. The mill allows tubes with  thin walls to be produced within close tolerances and requires less material and energy. ‘’The PQF mill enables tubes to be produced with a higher quality, thus strengthening our position on the market,’’ says Lei Youtong of Jiangsu Valin- Xigang. The company will use the machine predominantly for the  production of tubes for the oil and gas industry.

SMS Meer and SMS Innse supplied the core components of the rolling mill equipment for the new PQF line, including the CARTA automation and quality assurance system. Furthermore, the scope includes a PQF calibration stand for checking the rolls and chocks after dressing. In addition, SMS Meer was responsible for the project management, the erection supervision and commissioning, and for the hands-on training of the operating personnel.

The seamless tube plant at Jiangsu Valin-Xigang is the 11’’PQF mill to be successfully put into operation. A further five such seamless tube mills will go into production during the course of 2011.

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