Friday, February 26, 2010

AISI Board Approves 2010 Public Policy Agenda

The AISI Board of Directors approved the Institute’s 2010 public policy agenda on February 10, which identifies top priorities to be a pro-manufacturing strategy, international trade, climate change and energy, transportation and infrastructure and occupational health and safety.

“The manufacturing sector is the backbone of the U.S. economy, and a critical source of good-paying jobs. But U.S. manufacturing is in crisis today, facing significant challenges to its international competitiveness,” AISI President and CEO Thomas J. Gibson said. “A national pro-manufacturing strategy is needed to reverse this situation. To be effective, such a strategy will require a coordinated effort to advance policies across a range of issue areas, including international trade enforcement, development of a sensible climate and energy policy, increased infrastructure spending, and reform of regulatory and tax policies, all with a view towards assisting U.S. manufacturers in competing in today’s global economy.”

In the transportation and infrastructure area, Gibson said AISI continues to push for a new, six-year transportation reauthorization bill as well as legislation that will create jobs with specific focus on highway and bridge projects. Likewise, he said, we want to see greater access to affordable and abundant sources of energy, including natural gas and nuclear energy.

Gibson said AISI members consider occupational health and safety matters of an extremely high priority because it is critical that their valuable workers remain safe and healthy. He said AISI supports cooperative efforts among company management, employees and government that can help maximize safety and health, rather than legislation or regulation that might promote litigation and confrontation. To see the full AISI 2010 Public Policy Agenda, go to

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