Thursday, July 19, 2012

Of All The Hats Steven Jackson Wears, His Favorite One Is Being A Positive Role Model For Youngsters

Las Vegas, NV, July 18, 2012 - Steven Jackson has earned the top honor of rushing for 1,000 yards for seven consecutive years. But this extraordinary, talented young man is not your average NFL superstar because he’s also setting records off the playing field in his mission to help youngsters - not just in his home town of Las Vegas, but globally!

In 2004, Jackson created the Steven Jackson SJ39 Charitable Organization with a goal to empower and inspire the nation’s youth to overcome adversity so they have a chance to pursue their dreams. As an Ambassador for Education, he has been on the forefront addressing the increasing school drop-out rates and championing the fight against illiteracy.

NFL great, emerging icon, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, humanitarian, and Ambassador for Education are just some of the hats Steven Jackson wears that make him one of the most positive male role models in our society today. The youngest of three children, Steven credits the solid upbringing he received from his hard-working parents and the impact of good Christian values, discipline and solid work ethics they taught. He might have been making big plays on the gridiron for his high school football team, but he also knew the importance of getting good grades – something his parents instilled in him from an early age.

The recent news reports on the negative trend by professional athletes to file bankruptcy has ignited Jackson’s passion to educate young people so that this trend may be reversed. Out of all the work he does with the younger generation, Jackson believes that being a role model in teaching our youth fiscal responsibility could be the most important lesson of their life. His goal is to teach them the benefits of saving money and living within their means so they do not end up a statistic - living on credit and ultimately drowning in debt.

At the tender age of 28, Steven Jackson has already made a very impressionable name for himself in the sports world and in business; however, this grounded, outspoken young man isn’t stopping there – instead he has become a role model for youngsters to emulate and living proof that they too can live their dream...

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