Monday, July 9, 2012


New Delhi, July 01, 2012: Fresh nuances are beginning to enrich RAYMOND WEIL’S 2012 musical score.  The Brand is offering a very feminine version of the maestro with visible balance wheel in a large 39mm diameter case and a quality leather strap available in several colors: bright orange, cherry red, lime green, sky blue, and midnight blue, rich black, taupe or caramel beige. A mixture of elegance, softness and tangy flavors, with a hint of spice and of the unexpected: this is Lady maestro baring its heart. With this, RAYMOND WEIL is offering ladies a true symphony of colors.

“Maestro” means “master”, a person who excels in the practice of his art. In music, this word refers to the esteem commanded by a grand personality, composer or conductor. With the creation of a timekeeper inspired by the passionate workmanship and know- how handed  down  from  generation  to generation,  isn’t  there  a bit  of  the “Maestro”  in the  Swiss  watchmaker  itself?   The collection   of the same   name, created by RAYMOND WEIL in 2010, certainly evidences all the mastery of a watchmaker,  who knows how to synchronize the rhythms of tradition and innovation.

This year, Lady maestro stands out from the crowd with its 39mm steel case. Its large diameter enables it to display 74 sparkling diamonds in its set version. Fresh nuances are also making their appearance in the range of straps, such as a bright orange and a lime green. Apart from these  novelties,  Lady maestro remains  firmly  seated in  the tradition  behind  the  success  of  this   collection,  with  at  its  heart  a  hand-wound mechanical movement. Its pulsation is visible through a sapphire crystal case back and through a dial opening at 12 o’clock.  The dial, in natural white mother-of-pearl, is embellished with 6 diamond indexes alternating with silver Roman numerals. The hands fashioned in the purest, most classical of watchmaking traditions and the strap, in high quality leather with an ardillon buckle, add their finishing touches to the infinitely elegant and classical style of Lady maestro.

Dressed in its most beautiful finery, Lady maestro makes her entrance in 2012 and will have the crowd beating to the rhythm of its heart.

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