Thursday, July 12, 2012

Greenland in association with Darpani staged SHYAMA – the dusky dame in a contemporary and pioneering form

Kolkata, July, 8, 2012: India Green Reality Pvt Ltd and Darpani, a premiere dance institution jointly organized one of the legendary and the most distinguished lyrical tales of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, “Shyama- the dusky dame”, which was performed at GD Birla Sabhaghar. The city witnessed the classic and the awe-inspiring performances by many eminent artistes like Arnab Bandhopadhyay, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Sreela Majumdar, Satinath Mukherjee, Soumili Biswas, Rajesh Karmakar, Sraboni Sen and many others.

Shyama, the lyrical saga, was magnificently narrated by the dance performances of Arnab Badhopadhyay, Soumili Biswas, Rajib Mondal, Raktim Goswami along with the members of Darpani. Their executions of the act were balanced and were truly mind-boggling. The music for this act, Shyama, was exclusively composed by one of the most talented music composers Surojit Das and the astounding act was directed by Ratul Ganguly. The songs sung by the renowned and reputed singers like Sraboni Sen, Promit Sen, Debadrito and the Artist of Sphulinga fascinated and captivated everyone present there by their soulful voices. The role of Shyama was acted by Soumili Biswas, Bojroshen by Arnab Bandhopadhyay and Uttiyo was performed by Raktim Goswami. The entire concept of Shyama was conceived and choreographed by Arnab Bandhopadhyay, the Founder of Darpani that was established in the year 1995 and have participated in many of the prestigious dance festivals across the globe.

Arnab Bandhopadhyay, the dance guru and the creator of Darpani, commented, “The sole aim of portraying Shyama is to restore the rich cultural heritage of Bengal and to unleash the true spirit of dance by the amalgam of the classical dance forms and the ever evolving art of choreography. We want that the grand work piece of Tagore should be revived whenever feasible reaching millions of hearts every time so that the ensemble cast of this bona fide, colorful, widescreen film version should never be forgotten.

Amitava Samanta, Director, India Green Reality Pvt. Ltd., said, “Shyama being Tagore's last key work for the stage that illustrates the exclusive and matchless permutation of song, dance and color, we have decided to showcase it in the present ethnicity with a touch of vibrant and aesthetic customs.”

The grand act was witnessed by many eminent personalities like Cricketer Sambaran Banerjee, Actress Alokananda Roy, Director Ratul Ganguly and many others from different fields.

About India Green Reality Pvt. Ltd.:- India Green Reality Pvt. Ltd. (IGR) is a company which is driven by strong fundamentals on providing real quality constructions and furnishing luxurious living spaces with elegance and finest amenities. All its projects come with ample greenery, spacious and modern design and the best of amenities and of course, luxury. They take utmost care to provide eco-friendly surroundings.
About Darpani: – Darpani, a premier Dance Institution was established in the year 1995. The institution has been a significant and noteworthy source of education and training in the gigantic arena of dance for many enthusiastic and passionate hearts. Since its inception, Darpani has been striving heart and soul for promoting and enriching the Classical forms of dance and spread among the different strata of the society the rich cultural heritage. The dance guru and founder, Arnab Bandhopadhyaya and his troupe have been performing worldwide and they proudly boast of more than three hundred students in the institute.

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