Monday, July 23, 2012

Anthem Group Enables Secure Remote Access for Employees and Bolsters Business Continuity with Citrix XenDesktop® and Citrix XenServer™ Solutions
Accrues savings of 35% on desktop computing and 60% on server related costs
India – July 23 2012: Anthem Group, the holding company comprising sub organizations - Anthem BioSciences, Anthem Cellutions and Anthem BioPharma today announced the implementation of Citrix® server and desktop virtualization solutions, resulting in secured remote access and boosted productivity for employees in addition to enhanced business continuity.
Incepted in 2007, Anthem group, a leading provider of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology services started operations with a team of 50; and has grown steadily to become an organization with 450 employees across its three sub companies i.e. Anthem Biosciences, Anthem Cellutions, Anthem Biopharma. Being a start-up on a fast track growth path, the company couldn’t afford to have n+1 concepts i.e. server clustering, rolling out patch management software and wanted to avoid the challenging and cumbersome process of traditional desktops by provisioning them with the requisite user applications. Additionally, the company also wanted to enforce a remote working policy for its employees while ensuring secure data access and constant uptime. To meet these business imperatives, the company opted for Citrix® XenServer™ and Citrix XenDesktop® solutions.
Commenting on the deployment, Ravi Kalla, Senior Manager – IT, Anthem Group said, “Desktop and server virtualization are invaluable technologies to address spiraling costs of IT infrastructure in today’s environment. After a careful market assessment, we decided to deploy Citrix technologies which aligned perfectly to our business needs. Through a highly cost effective, quick and simple implementation process, today we can enable optimal employee uptime and flexibility to work from anywhere, through secure remote data access.”
For the server virtualization roll-out, Anthem Group deployed Citrix® XenServer™ solution, which eliminated the need to buy any additional hardware to deploy four critical server applications in the company and reduced the deployment time to only 3-4 days. This resulted in substantial cost reduction on server, power and cooling costs while facilitating increased administrative efficiency. The company also deployed Citrix XenDesktop solution, which enabled employees to have an unchanged desktop experience. The company employees are also able to remotely access data as Citrix’s desktop virtualization solution runs on all devices with minimal bandwidth consumption.
Users will benefit from enhanced productivity as the ‘on-demand’ capabilities of Citrix solutions can enable desktop access to any user on any device anywhere with unparalleled simplicity and scalability. Through this implementation, Anthem Group has been able to save more than 35% in desktop computing costs and 62% in power expenses by enabling easy, centralized management of desktops and applications and reducing the need to refresh expensive hardware through Citrix desktop virtualization. Through server virtualization, the company created ten virtual servers from just two pre-existing physical servers which resulted in savings of 60%.
“We are pleased to support Anthem group by enabling mobile workstyles, heightened productivity levels for their employees and facilitating seamless business continuity through our desktop and server virtualization solutions. As a key player in the virtualization space, our association with Anthem Group is a testimony of our industry leading solutions, aligned with the business goals of an organization.” said Sanjay Deshmukh, Area Vice President, India Subcontinent, Citrix.
About Citrix
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