Friday, June 22, 2012

Bally’s IRRE-SWISS-ABLE Women’s Pumps

Bally pays homage to its Swiss heritage and rich archive in creating three irresistible collections of women’s pumps, each named after the impressive Swiss cities of Zurich, Geneva and Basel.

As classically beautiful as Switzerland itself, the luxuriously feminine Zurich, Geneve and Basel pumps are available in an endless array of styles, materials and colours, making it easier than ever for any woman to add this sensationally versatile outline to her wardrobe.

Inspired by styles dating back centuries, Bally’s first pump was designed in 1890 and has continued to evolve into today’s elegant essential.

Designed to go with everything, Bally’s latest collections can be mixed-and-matched or simply choose a favourite from amongst the three collections inspired by some of Switzerland’s most stylish cities:

ZURICH’s distinctive sharp silhouettes characterise the city’s historical and architectural significance. GENEVE takes its inspiration from the Romandie city’s classic architecture and Bally’s own archive, all reflected in the soft rounded lines and flowing profiles.

BASEL’s sophisticated urban edge is defined by the combination of chunky heels and internal platforms to give a distinctly contemporary finish.

With all three collections including heels ranging from 3cm to 11.5cm, change a height to match your mood or elevate your look with exotic leather and suddenly you’re going from office to lounge cocktails in one easy step. The choices are endlessly elegant. Bally’s World of Pumps includes the stunning Zurich, Geneve and Basel Collections, all available in a range of heel heights, leathers and colours.

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