Friday, December 23, 2011

Respected Sir,

I am a graduate engineer from JU passed out in 2011 and DBPC 2007 passout. I have a start-up company that aspires to build a brand selling natural sorbets. I primarily am looking forward to an industry exposure which I could use to project my brand.

Delivering a healthy and natural sorbet to the dessert lovers of Kolkata in an innovative and attractive fashion is the primary aim and mission of Quintos. We want to effectively tap the inherent demand of natural and healthy desserts existing in the premium segment and build a loyal consumer base among the urban crowd.

Our Brand stands on two pillars – to build a brand that relies highly on technology to achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction and to build a brand with enduring value.

Also what is important to note is that we are a unique brand that caters solely to the sorbet market. And in fact we do not have any direct competition, as yet, since there is almost no other brand that produces and sells sorbets in and around Kolkata. And even the couple of sorbets that do exist within our geographical bounds of operation will not be able to match our natural flavours and exoticness.

Its rich market niche caters primarily to the high end consumer segment of Kolkata for whom quality and premiumness are the major criteria to support and advocate in favour of a product. And that is exactly what Quintos has in store to offer.

Quintos prioritizes on natural ingredients, which we believe is the primary and unique offering from our side. We have a total of 37 different flavours of sorbets which include exotic fruit varieties like elephant-apple (chalta), wood –apple (kodbel), tender coconut (daab) , Indian olive (jolpai), pineapple, banana, guava, dates, raisins (kishmish), star fruit (kamranga), amloki infused mousambi, papaya, water melon, chili infused gandhoraj lime etc. [subject to seasonal availabilty]. We focus on fruits that are exotic and inherent to Bengal, but for long has been subjected to tremendous neglect. And this, we believe, will be a great attraction for consumers. We also have a jaggery sorbet and a mango pulp (aam-satta) sorbet. All our products are 100% natural.

Our pricing has also been done keeping in mind the requirements of our consumers. We have priced almost all our flavours uniformly and reasonably, keeping in mind that correct pricing would help us better serve our end consumers giving them a complete and satisfying experience, wherein they can enjoy with their friends and family without worrying about their health, thus, enabling them to relax in totality.

And it is a promise from our side that the natural out-of-the-grove taste of our sorbets will baffle you as well as all our consumers.

Yours Faithfully,
Arpan Ganguly

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