Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Platinum Day of Love is an intimate and momentous day in your journey of love. The day you fall in true love and realise there is no one else you would want to spend a lifetime with.
Enter the Platinum Day of Love calendar contest on platinumdayoflove                                                and you could win PLATINUM LOVE BANDS
When true love finds you celebrate with Platinum Love Bands!
December 16, 2011: For the second consecutive year Platinum Guild International, through its engaging online campaign of Platinum Day of Love on the social media network - Facebook gives the online fans another opportunity to win rare and precious platinum. The fans have to follow 3 simple steps to use the Platinum Day of Love calendar application on the facebook fan page – and they could win Platinum Love Bands of their choice to celebrate their day of love.
The first step is to enter the date of your Platinum Day of Love. Secondly choose a pair of platinum love bands and share them with your special someone. And last but not the least submit your answer to a simple question - Why is platinum best suited to celebrate your day of love? The 2 best answers will win a pair of Platinum Love Bands each. There are also early bird prizes for the first 15 entries. The contest will be on from December 2011 and will run till February 2012.

As the 2nd edition of the Platinum Day of Love online campaign commences, Vaishali Banerjee, Country Manager India, Platinum Guild International said, “The enormous success of the Platinum Day of Love stories campaign that we launched our page with last year received an overwhelming response, which led to the conception of the Platinum Day of Love Calendar Contest.  Through this platform we aim at reaching out to more and more consumers and continue our endeavor to provide and educate them with authentic information on platinum. We are happy to see high levels of engagement on the page and look forward to the continued interest in precious and rare platinum.”
What is Platinum Day of Love?
Platinum Day of Love is a highly intimate, but momentous instance in the journey of love. And it needn’t be the wedding day or the engagement. It’s never planned. It’s the day you achieve a deeper, more enriching and personal satisfaction out of being in love. The day you realise that you are truly meant for each other and there is no one else you would want to spend the rest of your life with.  The realisation of that rare moment in your life is your Platinum Day of Love!
Found in very few places around the world, platinum is 30 times rarer than gold and a treasure from the heavens. The first meteorite that showered on earth two billion years ago is the way platinum entered our world. Since time immemorial, this naturally white metal with its moonlike luminescence has symbolized love. It touches its wearer – and not only her skin, evoking emotions of feeling special and in love. That’s what makes this metal just so perfect to celebrate your Platinum Day of Love.
so log onto and enter the date of your Platinum Day of Love in the calendar application. When true love finds you celebrate it with platinum love bands.

About Platinum Guild:
Founded in the year 1975, Platinum Guild International (PGI) is dedicated to promoting platinum jewellery to the consumers and the jewellery trade worldwide. Headquartered in London, PGI has offices in each of the world's major jewellery markets - China, Japan, Germany, India, Italy, UK and the USA. Mr. James Courage is the worldwide CEO for Platinum Guild International.
Platinum Guild International set up its India Office in September 2000, with head office in Mumbai and branch office in Chennai. Platinum Guild India runs a comprehensive marketing programme to build desire for platinum jewellery in India. It provides platinum Retail Sales Training and conducts a unique Quality Assurance programme to ensure quality and purity of platinum jewellery amongst consumers and trade.

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